Why Choose Us?

Who we are and what we do

Premium Quality Design

The Design Craft provides elegant and premium-quality design handcrafted by award-winning and experienced designers.

Reasonable Pricing

Our prices are affordable. Small businesses and individuals can use the creative supplies and templates.

Design Support

With every design template purchase, we give you one-on-one help from an experienced professional designer.
We can help you if you have questions about a template, need help using a design app, or need design feedback or advice. You can chat with us, email us at help@thedesigncraft.com or call us at +1 (727) 280-6144.

Design Tutor Service

We offer a design tutor service that provides you with ongoing support for your marketing and design work.
Here’s what a design tutor could help you with:
  • Using that technique you want in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and inDesign
  • Correctly kerning your typography
  • How to use brushes in Procreate or Adobe Draw
  • Optimizing scans
  • Creating vectors from items
  • Color optimization
  • Designing layouts that look good and are well-organized
  • Optimizing your designs for web, print, and social
  • Figuring out what format to send to the printer
  • How to save and publish your work on the web and social media
  • Using the cloud and online services to save and share your work

Adaptable Design

We aim to deliver adaptable design solutions that make the design process as easy as possible.

Custom Design Service

Whether you are in the middle of designing a template or editing an existing one, we can help you make key adjustments to your work in progress.
For something totally new you can get a custom design from us.
No matter where you are in the design process, we can help.

Print Concierge Service

Send us any designs you want printed and we’ll take care of it.
You can choose from top quality print options at great prices with our print concierge service. We’ll work with the printer to make sure the turnaround time is efficient and you get great results.
If you just want the print part of your project handled without any headaches, this service is a good option.