Our Story



The Design Craft was founded by designer and artist Greta Penney. Greta started The Design Craft in March of 2020 and now its products can be found in boutiques and stores across the United States and Internationally, including the Portland Art Museum, Design Within Reach and the Mall of the Emirates.



The Design Craft takes a modern and contemporary approach to design and favors bold colors and shapes and unusual and unexpected combinations.


Designs are informed by current trends and also explore new territory within visual culture—applying an eclectic variety of analogue and digital techniques. Sketching, painting and drawing, stamping, watercolor, India ink, collage, scanning, photography, digital software, visualization software and code are used to create designs.



Greta brings an international perspective to her work. Her love of pattern and surface originates from her years in North Africa as a child experiencing the beauty of Moroccan, Berber and Turkish design and decor. Greta also lived and worked in Hong Kong and Spain where she continued to find inspiration via the decorative arts.



The Design Craft is an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious company.

All our printing is done in-house to ensure eco-sustainability, attention to detail, and quality. We offer all our print items on premium recycled and recyclable FSC-certified paper and card stock. We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted on a one-for-one model to offset our shop and effect positive change, with every purchase from The Design Craft a tree is planted.